Converting VisualWorks based code to use Squeak

Stephen Travis Pope stp at
Thu Feb 25 22:19:06 UTC 1999

Thomas A Peterson wrote:

> Does anyone have any experience with converting a VisualWorks based
> application to be Squeak based?

I've ported several large apps; there are several areas to be aware of:

(1) Block syntax -- Squeak does not yet have block temporaries (minor
annoyance). The compiler complains about it on file-in, and you have the
opportunity to fix it "in-line."

(2) Exceptions -- Squeak does not yet have and working exception handling
(major annoyance). I wrote a partial VW-compatible version a while ago and it
works well except for unwind.

(3) GUI stuff -- Of course VW GUI code is quite non-portable.

(4) Class libraries --  Squeak is quite compatible with ST80 classes, but not
VW add-ons like Lists, new file I/O, extended numbers, etc.


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