DebuggerView is undeclared

Dan Ingalls DanI at
Wed Feb 3 17:15:34 UTC 1999

Frederik -

>I messed up all my images, and downloaded the squeak2.3 once again.
>I filled some stuff in  (syntax highlighting and so on).
>Now when I am testing code that contains an error 
>(sending a message to an object that does not understand it)
>I do no longer get the DebuggerView to show.  
>Instead I found on the Transcript the text (DebuggerView is Undeclared).
>How does one solve this -quickly- ?

The "stuff" that you filed in apparently refers to DebuggerView, which is no longer a part of the Squeak release image.  The text in the Transcript was put there at the time you filed in that "stuff", to let you know this.

You can find the unresolved reference by doing 'Undeclared inspect' (there is a shortcut for this in the Screen menu 'do...' item).

Then, locate DebuggerView in that inspector, and choose 'references' in the variable list menu.  This should give you a browser on the method that is causing your problem.  Assuming it overwrote an existing Squeak 2.3 method (I assume this because you say your error recovery is no longer working), you should be able to examine the prior versions of that code by selecting 'versions' (or hitting cmd-v) in the selector list pane of the browser that is showing you the problem method.

There is a good chance you can restore everything to working order by selecting the Squeak method that was overwritten by your changes in the version browser, and hitting cmd-s or choosing 'save' from the menu.  This will have the effect of restoring the Squeak 2.3 method.

If all this works, your only remaining problem will be to determine whether you need to preserve any other changes from the offending method that we effectively removed.

Good Luck

	- Dan

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