Classical Applications (was Re: 17 new updates)

Stephen Pair spair at
Fri Feb 12 02:51:21 UTC 1999

> However, I see a demand for a second kind of Squeak.  A Squeak tailored as
> a tool - not a toy - for creating applications (games, financial programs,
> other tools, whatever).  Something like a free alternative to other
> commercial Smalltalk systems.  Something, which not only awakes warm
> feelings in the heart of true Smalltalkers but which attracts
> even ordinary
> people ;-)

I agree...there is huge demand for this kind of Squeak.  And it comes not
just from Smalltalkers, but developers of all languages.  What's needed is
a serious alternative to commercial development systems (not just
And there's no reason that one environment (Squeak) couldn't serve the needs
researchers and commercial developers alike.  In fact, that's just what is
to help create a bridge between commercial development and research

I would love to be able leverage Squeak to help deal with the mess found in
systems, but it doesn't seems like a priority to most here.

- Stephen

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