Font and caret questions (Mac)

David Cramer David_Cramer at PBSCTrain.CA
Wed Feb 3 17:37:00 UTC 1999


I'm curious about two minor interface issues: 1) bringing in more fonts,
and 2) changing the caret (cursor?insertion point?) color in a workspace

1) Has there been any change in the way to make use of more Macintosh fonts
in Squeak? I ran across some fairly old instructions in the mailing list
archives, but in following the steps I encountered an error suggesting to
me that I'm missing something in installing new fonts.

In trying to use Squeak on a PowerBook, I realized that the Squeak
caret/cursor/insertion point/whatzit is by default in a color that can't be
seen against the background at all. How is its color controlled?




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