[LINUX:WindowMaker] changes to sqXwindow.c

Juan Cires Martinez jcm at mat.upm.es
Fri Feb 19 18:36:52 UTC 1999


I had to make a couple of changes to sqXwindow.c to set some hints so
that squeak works properly with WindowMaker.  I don't know much about X
programming so I'm sure this is a kludge:

In void SetUpWindow(char *displayName), after:

    wmHints->initial_state= NormalState;


    wmHints->window_group= stWindow; /* jcm */

and changed:

    wmHints->flags= InputHint|StateHint|WindowGroupHint; /* jcm */

At the begining of int main(int argc, char **argv)

  /* (jcm) save argc, argv for WindowMaker */
  int argc_copy;
  char **argv_copy;

    int i;

    argc_copy = argc;
    argv_copy = malloc(argc * sizeof(char *));
    for (i = 0; i < argc; i++)
      argv_copy[i] = strdup(argv[i]);
  /* (jcm) end of */

and after:

  XMapWindow(stDisplay, stWindow);


  XSetCommand(stDisplay, stWindow, argv_copy, argc_copy);

Saludos, Juan.

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