[BUGLET] in Float>raisedTo:

Stephen C. Gilardi squeegee at concentric.net
Mon Feb 22 18:45:56 UTC 1999

There's a sci.math faq answer about this.  They note that the value of 0^0
is technically indeterminate, but then give a long list of reasons why
0^0=1 is a good choice.  It's interesting.



>The last line in the original message is of interest in the discussion of
>Float>>raisedTo:.  Saying that 0 raisedTo: 0 is equal to one is reasonable,
>given that *anything* raised to the zero power is 1.  Are there any
>arguments for other results (e.g. 0 raisedTo: 0 = 0, or is undefined)?
>Bob Jarvis
>The Timken Company
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>>      (expt 0 0) is defined to be equal to 1.

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