Collection hierarchy (was: RE: Hardware or System Incompatibility)

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at
Thu Feb 18 00:06:12 UTC 1999

> PS,  I have been trying to move the PluggableDictionary
> concept into the base collection classes. That is, i want
> all collections to use a comparison block (instance variable) for
> includes: anItem etc. This needs to be pluggable for
> each collection instance. However, putting instance variables
> into the base collections brings squeak down almost immediately,
> or it hangs indefinitely. I notice Dolphin warns against doing this.
> VW nc 3.0  tries valiantly, but runs out of memory and crashes
> (I have tried it on computers with 24 and 32 mb ram). Is the
> collection hierachy 'untouchable' or am I doing something wrong??
The Collection hierarchy is not untouchable - but implicitly changing
classes like Array or MethodDictionary *will* kill you. So, you be very
careful about the implications of the modification you provide ;-)


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