New Squeak Site

Les Tyrrell tyrrell at
Fri Feb 19 23:03:00 UTC 1999

I'm building a new Squeak site at:
For now it is mostly an outline but I will be adding to it
and fleshing it out over time. I do have a few bits of code
that can be downloaded now. These are things that have been
written within VisualWorks, but ought to be fairly easy to port
to Squeak.

Immediately available are:

	* MIME content model & parsers ( for e-mail attachments )
	* Project Gutenberg EText model & parser ( a sketch )
	* TeX Layout model ( based on the description from the TeXbook )

I'll be adding to this list over time, these were just the easiest
to grab right now.
I've also begun discussing my own thoughts regarding modularity, and
the state of the system that I am currently using to explore those
ideas.  I'll be gone for the next week to attend a soaring convention,
so if you shuold have any comments I'll be getting back to you in March.



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