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Thu Feb 18 22:36:18 UTC 1999

sqrmax at wrote:

> Would you guys mind if the printOn: for Form was something like this?
> printOn: aStream
>         aStream nextPutAll: 'Form('.
>         width printOn: aStream.
>         aStream nextPut: $x.
>         height printOn: aStream.
>         aStream nextPut: $x.
>         depth printOn: aStream.
>         aStream nextPut: $)
> Andres.

Personally, I always like printStrings that help distinguish one instance
from another. There's nothing quite like looking at a collection and
seeing (a Form a Form a Form a Form a Form ...).

I'd at least make the following changes to your method though:

        nextPutAll: self class name;
        nextPut: $(;
        print: width;
        nextPut: $x;
        print: height;
        nextPut: $x;
        print: depth;
        nextPut: $).

By using "self class name" rather than hardcoding 'Form(' it works nicely
for subclasses like ColorForm, etc. I also prefer using "print:" and a
cascade for things like this (at least since I learned about it ;-). It
makes it easier IMHO to read the sequence of things being assembled for
the printString.

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