Question about comparing method revisions in Squeak 2.3(Windows NT, 4.0)

Dan Ingalls DanI at
Fri Feb 5 20:21:15 UTC 1999

Chris -

"Chris Norton" <chrisn at> wrote...
>I think it would also be useful to be able to compare (side by side) methods
>from different classes.

Yes, this is possible, although it does not exist as a specific browser feature.  Instead, for this kind of general comparison, there is a text-editor feature that works with the clipboard as follows:

	Select any text that you choose as the basis of
	comparison, and copy it to the clipboard (cmd-c).

	Select any other text that you wish to compare
	against that base, and compare it to the clipboard
	(cmd-shift-C or ctrl-C).  If they differ, Squeak will
	spawn a new widow showing the diffs.

These two commands (copy and compare to clipboard) exist as menu items (that latter is buried in the more...special... extensions to the edit menu) and also as cmd-key options documented in the help...command-key help option of the screen menu.  This is not to imply you should have found them, but to help others to find these things as well.

Happy Squeaking!

	- Dan

>PS>  I've mostly concentrated on the MVC part of Squeak, as I am still a bit
>intimidated by Morphic.  As my confidence grows, I'm sure I'll branch more
>into that area.  :-)

We hope to make it increasingly easy (and compelling) to do so.


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