Microsoft shopping for Java alternative

sqrmax at sqrmax at
Sat Feb 13 19:27:55 UTC 1999


>I think the biggest failing of smalltalk has been that there is just so
>much you have to learn before you can be even minimally productive.. and
>that's a disincentive for all but the stoutest soul.

Yep, the greatest problem is the critical mass needed to understand. It's 
much bigger than any other language's. Nevertheless, there's a phrase in 
Spanish that is used for this kind of situations...

"El que quiere celeste, que le cueste"
<He who wants it to be light blue, needs to work some to get such hue>

This also has to do with managers. Lower the costs immediately = C++. And 
most managers really don't understand anything about computers (something like 
neither "computer vendors and manufacturers" - Alan).


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