Classical Applications (was Re: 17 new updates)

Marcel Weiher marcel at
Mon Feb 15 10:10:24 UTC 1999

> > >Might be useful, but I doubt it can be done with reasonable effort. 
> > >Smalltalk graphics is based on BitBlt alone, so it cannot  
really make
> > >use of all those 3D features.
> >
> > I think you thought about Direct3D here.
> Right. You were talking about games, weren't you :)
> Seriously, I think DirectX can be used to implement primitives, but I'm 
> unsure whether Smalltalk has the primitives that can be mapped to
> DirectX. DirectX is a relatively new concept, and the BitBlt ideas are 
> rather old. If Smalltalk hasn't radically changed its underlying
> mechanisms I don't think it can make much use of DirectX.

Squeak is replacing BitBlt by Morphic drawing with Canvases, which  
provide a device independent protocol of high-level graphics  
primitives.  It should be possible to create a Canvas that connects  
to DirectX just as Andreas has created a BalloonCanvas to connect to  
his Balloon graphics engine and I am currently working on a  
PostscriptCanvas to generate Postscript code.


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