[FIX] InterpreterSimulator, SystemTracer, and UnixFileDirectory

ohshima at is.titech.ac.jp ohshima at is.titech.ac.jp
Wed Feb 3 21:51:54 UTC 1999


  I noticed three small discrepancies. (I think they don't
deserve to be called bugs)

  The first is that InterpreterSimulator should have 
primStringtranslatefromtotable method.

  The second is that initCompactClasses in SystemTracer
should be consistent with compact classes of the 2.3

  The third is that maxFileNameLength for Unix should be not
be limited to 31.  (I couldn't fileIn a file whose name is
longer than 31)

                                             OHSHIMA Yoshiki
                Dept. of Mathematical and Computing Sciences
                               Tokyo Institute of Technology 

'From Squeak 2.3 of January 14, 1999 on 4 February 1999 at 6:18:55 am'!

!InterpreterSimulator methodsFor: 'other primitives' stamp: 'yo 1/29/1999 21:37'!
	^ self primitiveFail! !

!SystemTracer methodsFor: 'initialization' stamp: 'yo 2/4/1999 06:22'!
	"NOTE: at present the VM counts on BlockContext and MethodContext keeping their present compact class indices."
	| c |
	c _ Array new: 31.	
	"These classes have a short name (their index in this table.  It is not their oop.)
	Thus their instances can use just a single word as their header in memory."
	c at: 1 put: CompiledMethod.  c at: 2 put: Symbol. c at: 3 put: Array.
	c at: 4 put: PseudoContext.  c at: 5 put: LargePositiveInteger.  c at: 6 put: Float.
	c at: 7 put: MethodDictionary.  c at: 8 put: Association.  c at: 9 put: Point.
	c at: 10 put: Rectangle.  c at: 11 put: String.  c at: 12 put: TranslatedMethod.
	c at: 13 put: BlockContext.  c at: 14 put: MethodContext.  c at: 15 put: Color.
	c at: 16 put: Bitmap.
	compactClasses _ c.
	"Leave 16 to 31 for user defined compact classes."

	"Attempt to correctly write contextCache image.."
	"compactClasses _ Smalltalk compactClassesArray"! !

!UnixFileDirectory class methodsFor: 'platform specific' stamp: 'yo 2/4/1999 06:40'!

	^ 255
! !

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