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Tim Rowledge rowledge at
Sun Feb 14 02:58:00 UTC 1999

On Sat 13 Feb, Alejandro F. Reimondo wrote:
> The point is that Smalltalk is NOT a language.
I can agree with that...
> Smalltalk is a place where objects live & evolve.
> C++, Java & others are simply Object ORIENTED Languages
.... but not with that. They are languages with varying levels of object
oriented extensions. Java has _almost_ enough  to count as an OOP, C++ has
nowhere near enough.  Major faults in both of them include lack of
reflection and lack of uniformity.
My point is basically that simply adding extensions to a language does not
do enough. OOP is different than the jumped up PDP-10 assembler we all know
and love as C. Extensions add the possibility of working in an OOP style
but do little to encourage the crucial mental shift to using it properly.


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