2.3 for Unix

johnm at wdi.disney.com johnm at wdi.disney.com
Tue Feb 9 20:27:15 UTC 1999

Ian Piumarta <Ian.Piumarta at inria.fr> wrote:
> I just looked at the comments in sqMacMinimal.c where ioMicroMSecs is
> described as returning the highest available resolution of the
> millisecond clock.  So I guess we'll take option (1) above, and I'll
> put the old definition of ioMicroMSecs back.

That's correct. Sorry for the unfortunate name; a better name for
this function would be "ioHighResMSecs()". It returns
a value in milliseconds using a clock with sub-millisecond resolution.
On the Mac, this just happened to be the Microseconds() function...

The comment in InterpreterSimulator>>ioMicroMSecs is wrong.

	-- John

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