Pressures for Substantially New Squeaks

Terry Raymond traymond at
Fri Feb 19 14:26:58 UTC 1999

On Sat, 13 Feb 1999 21:50:28 +0100, Reinier van Loon wrote:

>>>    thingLabSliderClass := self classAt: 'Slider' in: 'ThingLab'.
>>>    morphicSliderClass := self classAt: 'Slider' in: 'Morphic'.
>>I'd prefer something like 'Morphic::Slider' instead of the above message
>>expression or 'Morphic.Slider' to stay compatible with ObjectShare's
>>approach, but that's just syntactic suggar.
>Yes and no. If the name would be one string, the protocol would simply
>become 'classAt: aString'.
>And classAt: could be implemented to use classAt:in: as in:

What is the impact on trying to find a class reference when a class
is specified using a string instead of a symbol or variable-binding?

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