Scrollbar preference idea

Dwight Hughes dwighth at
Mon Feb 22 17:56:51 UTC 1999

Peter Crowther wrote:
> I'm just glad that Squeak understands even the cursor keys in its edit
> wondows.  After a summer in 1992 when I worked flat-out on a ParcPlace
> Smalltalk 2.5 project where you *had* to mouse to move the cursor, I was
> left with mouse elbow --- an odd but crippling relative of tennis elbow.  A
> combination of power-steering on the car and moving into teaching has given
> me respite from this, but it hasn't gone away.  Since I've started using
> Smalltalk again, it's re-surfaced, and I can feel my right elbow twinging as
> I type this.

It might help to train yourself to be "ambimousetrous". I found this to
be a great help for my mouse elbow. I keep the mouse buttons the same
(unswapped - I "swap" my fingers instead) so I can easily go to other
workstations and switch right to left (obviously I'm not using Macs). A
mouse on the left also takes less arm movement if you're using an
extended keyboard (assuming you're using one on the right already).

-- Dwight

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