Squeak Performance on WinCE?

ohshima at is.titech.ac.jp ohshima at is.titech.ac.jp
Tue Feb 9 16:56:10 UTC 1999


> I'm pretty sure the RAM in the WinCE machines is
> some kind of RAM--probably not ordinary DRAM,
> for power reasons, but not Flash RAM either. For
> one thing, you lose your data when the battery dies.
> For another, I think you need a lot of RAM to run
> even the stripped-down Micros applications that come
> with WinCE.

  So, the RAM must be refleshed periodically.  I don't know
if the consumption of electricity is propotional to the RAM
reflesh rate.  If so, I think the clock for the memory unit
may be set to slow in order to maximize the battery duration

> 	26 benchfib
> 	10 benchmark

  My Zaurus still didn't manage to execute '10 benchmark'
due to lack of memory.  The result of 'Time
millisecondsToRun: [26 benchFib]' is 10.8 secs.  The result
on yours (BI-618) should be around 5-6 seconds.

                                             OHSHIMA Yoshiki
                Dept. of Mathematical and Computing Sciences
                               Tokyo Institute of Technology 

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