Peter William Lount peter at
Thu Feb 25 07:59:19 UTC 1999

Hi Fellow Squeakers,

I am pleased to announce that is up and running
with a simple web page. We are setting up the site to become a primary
entry into the virtual world of Smalltalk. We are planning to have a
comprehensive and massive collections of links to Smalltalk resources on
and off the net. 

Please send us links to relevant Smalltalk and Object technology materials
at links at or visit and enter them
into Monty's editable Smalltalk links page.

Please link to us from your web sites.

We are also seeking ideas at and suggestions at for
the site. Please contribute.

We are planning to put Smalltalk behind the website and implement some cool


All the best,

Peter William Lount
peter at

"" and "" are trademarks of Peter William

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