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Dan Ingalls DanI at
Wed Feb 3 17:26:29 UTC 1999

"Leandro Caniglia" <caniglia at> wrote...
>Is it possible for a VariableNode to decide if it is an instance variable

[I answered this privately but, in case others are interested...]

Not easily.  I have been bothered by this before, and the situation is even worse with the recent extention to 256 ivars.  I should have cleaned it up then, but didn't.  However, look at the code in Encoder...

init: aClass context: aContext notifying: req
	| node n homeNode indexNode |
	requestor _ req.
	class _ aClass.
	nTemps _ 0.
	supered _ false.
	self initScopeAndLiteralTables.
	n _ -1.
	class allInstVarNames do: 
		[:variable | 
		node _ VariableNode new
			name: variable
			index: (n _ n + 1)
			type: LdInstType.
		scopeTable at: variable put: node].

My suggestion is to add a new ivar to VariableNode, called 'type' or 'loadType', and simply store into it the value passed in as 'type:' in the creation messages.  Then, testing for instvars should be as simple as
	^ type = LdInstType
I would include this for clarity, even if it's not needed in the system right now.

Otherwise the only way I can see is to duplicate the hideous tests in code generation 8-(.

Good luck.

	- Dan

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