Optimizing Squeak

Carl Watts Carl at AppliedThought.com
Mon Feb 22 20:33:51 UTC 1999

At 11:44 AM -0800 2/22/99, Glenn Krasner wrote:
>At 10:56 AM 2/22/99 -0800, Carl Watts wrote:
>>I'm just a nosy bystander at implementing interpreters so forgive me if
>these are stupid comments:
>>As you know, Smalltalk should spend most of its time in primitives (if I
>remember correctly we targeted it at over 70% at ParcPlace). 
>Not really. It certainly varies with what you're running, but we typically
>measured more like 50% in Smalltalk execution and 50% running C, with the
>majority of the C code being non-primitives. So primitives were more like

Eeek!  Guess I mis-remembered that statistic...

Carl Watts

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