Classical Applications (was Re: 17 new updates)

johnm at johnm at
Sat Feb 13 17:55:29 UTC 1999

> Well, most is already there. What I'm missing is sound that doesn't
> start croaking and stuttering once I begin to move large windows around
> (or start other CPU hogs), but I think (I *hope*) that's more a question
> of priorities than anything else.

You just need a larger sound buffer. Edit SoundPlayer class>initialize to
set BufferMSecs to something like 500 and you should have no more problems.

This will also increase the latency between when a sound is triggered
and when it comes out the speaker, so you may wish to experiment to find
a good balance. A few of our VM's have a special primitive that allows you
to have both low latency and large buffer, but you will need to set
Preferences allowSoundQuickStart to true to enable this feature. (I know
that this feature works on the Mac VM and, thanks to Lex Spoon, on the
Linux VM. I'm not sure if it is supported on the Windows VMs.)

	-- John

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