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Wed Feb 24 18:44:11 UTC 1999


> Does Squeak actually use a three button mouse in a Windoze framework?

> Do you need specific device drivers to make this happen?
First, you have to have the right drivers installed on your machine (e.g.,
if your Windows mouse driver has to support 3 button mouses). Then, while
running Squeak you can choose 'VM preferences' from the system window menu
(or simply press F2) and select 'use 3 button mouse mapping'.

NOTE: Some of the fancier new mouses give you all sorts of things you may do
with the middle mouse button (starting from scrolling to double click
simulation). I noticed that if you use any of those features, the middle
mouse button gets not reported to the application (e.g., Squeak). So, for
using a 3 button mouse you better turn off any of those extra stuff.

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