Hardware or System Incompatibility

Peter Smet peter.smet at flinders.edu.au
Wed Feb 17 23:08:26 UTC 1999


0.0 raisedTo: 0.75 =  -0.0

I have the same problem,
P133 laptop running NT 4 service pack 3.
vanilla Squeak 2.3 for windows.

PS,  I have been trying to move the PluggableDictionary
concept into the base collection classes. That is, i want
all collections to use a comparison block (instance variable) for
includes: anItem etc. This needs to be pluggable for
each collection instance. However, putting instance variables
into the base collections brings squeak down almost immediately,
or it hangs indefinitely. I notice Dolphin warns against doing this.
VW nc 3.0  tries valiantly, but runs out of memory and crashes
(I have tried it on computers with 24 and 32 mb ram). Is the
collection hierachy 'untouchable' or am I doing something wrong??

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From: Dan Ingalls <DanI at wdi.disney.com>
To: squeak at cs.uiuc.edu <squeak at cs.uiuc.edu>
Date: Wednesday, February 17, 1999 2:32 PM
Subject: Hardware or System Incompatibility

>Folks -
>Two erratic results have been posted recently that I would like to clear
up.  It appears that they are due to hardware or system library problems,
not to Squeak itself.
>A.  First of all Peter William Lount repoorted a crash while filing in
update "646B3DBase-ar".  From his stack trace, I was able to track this down
as follows:
> Compiling B3DRotation>>normalize
> Reading the literal 1.0e-10
> Executing '10000000000 asFloat'
> Calling a C library routine, ldexp(rcvr, arg)
>So here's what I would like from everyone who's interested and willing...
> 1.  Batten down your hatches (prepare for possible crash)
> 2.  Start up a normal 2.3 image
> 3.  Execute '10000000000 asFloat'
> 4.  If it crashes (and *ONLY* if it crashes), then,
> 1.  please reply to this message *TO ME ONLY*, with
> exact info about your OS version.  In particular,
> if it's Win 95, is OSR2 installed?  Also, if it's a
> Pentium, is it a PII or P-Pro?
> 2.  if it's easy to try it out with a pre-2.3 VM,
> please do so and report if it still crashes.
> 3.  you may want to put comments around
> <primitive: 54> in Float>>timesTwoPower:.
> If should prevent the crash on your machine,
> so you may want to preserve that change.
>B.  Secondly, Andres reports that
> 0.0 raisedTo: 0.75 ==> -0.0 on his machine,
> whereas I get 0.0 on my Mac.
> If you get -0.0, please also supply the information requested above.
>I will summarize your responses for all.
>Many thanks
> - Dan

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