Hardware or System Incompatibility

Mark Wai mwai at ibm.net
Wed Feb 17 06:50:10 UTC 1999

At 08:02 PM 2/16/99 -0800, you wrote:

> In particular,
> if it's Win 95, is OSR2 installed?  Also, if it's a

Just want to add that if you check your Win95 to see if you have OSR2 or
not,  don't type 'VER' at a DOS prompt. Win95a will report itelf as 4.00.950
erroneously at the DOS prompt. 

A better way to check is to go to Start->Settings->Control
Panel->System->General tab.  There you should see the correct Windows 95
version number. 

Mark Wai
Wator InnoVision

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