ThingLab porting discussion list

Bruce Cohen cohenb at
Sun Feb 14 22:54:38 UTC 1999

Now that Dan Ingalls has so graciously provided us with the beginnings
of a port of ThingLab to squeak and Morphic, several of us have begun
learning it and hacking on it.  Rather than flood the main squeak list
with the minutiae of problems and fixes that no one not working on them
will care about, we'd like to maintain a private mail alias for those wo
are interested in working on the port.  If you're interested in
participating, please send me email and I'll put you on the list.  This
will not be an automated list, at least not for now.

Please send mail to both of the addresses below, so I can keep my work
and home address books up to date (I'm on vacation, and will have to
wade through 2-3,000 messages when I get back to work).A

Bruce Cohen
bruceeva at
cohenb at

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