Scrollbar preference idea

Peter Crowther Peter.Crowther at
Mon Feb 22 08:43:41 UTC 1999

> Probably one of those X editors that nobody really uses 'cause
> nothing beats Emacs :)
Oh no, not the editor wars :-).

I'm just glad that Squeak understands even the cursor keys in its edit
wondows.  After a summer in 1992 when I worked flat-out on a ParcPlace
Smalltalk 2.5 project where you *had* to mouse to move the cursor, I was
left with mouse elbow --- an odd but crippling relative of tennis elbow.  A
combination of power-steering on the car and moving into teaching has given
me respite from this, but it hasn't gone away.  Since I've started using
Smalltalk again, it's re-surfaced, and I can feel my right elbow twinging as
I type this.

One of my pet peeves with Squeak is that it's not possible to navigate the
windows, panes, and lists with the keyboard.  Sometime I'll fix this,
probably merged with the more general accelerator-key fixes that have been
mooted this past week.

		- Peter

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