17 new updates

Joachim Durchholz joachim.durchholz at munich.netsurf.de
Wed Feb 10 20:01:28 UTC 1999

Dan Ingalls wrote:
> Folks -
> I have just released 17 more updates for the 2.3 release.  Two are
> logistically noteworthy...

OK, I see all those update notes flashing by on the list. I also see
numerous reference to Swiki and other online stuff.
Unfortunately, I have to pay for my online time by the minute, so I am
essentially limited to working offline with an occasional on-line
session frantically downloading with as few as possible interactions to
keep idle times down.

My question is: How do I best handle this situation? I downloaded 2.3
some time ago, but I'm entirely unsure what got filed into the image
that I got, so I don't even know what to download (or even from where -
all the Squeak docs seem to be distributed over dozens of little pages,
and whenever I have finished reading one I find my modem had ten minutes
of idle time and has disconnected).

Another, entirely unrelated question is: How do I start writing a
"classical application". I.e. something with a polished, shiny user
interface, where the user isn't aware that he's doing Smalltalk (other
than, of course, in an About box where Squeak is listed among the

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