Configuring Scamper: TCP-IP Access beyond Firewall?

Lex Spoon lex at
Wed Feb 17 18:41:05 UTC 1999

"Iannis Zannos" <iani at> wrote:
> Hello, 
> (Here are two newbie questions:) 
> Question 1: HTTP connection 
> Could somebody please explain how to configure the necessary
> TCP-IP settings in Squeak?  I could not find relevant places in 
> the code at first glance.  I am running Squeak on a Mac from behind 
> a firewall. Our connection is otherwise fast and stable and open
> for email, web, ftp, news etc. 

Do you have an HTTP proxy server available?  If so, you can set it up
like this:

	 HTTPSocket useProxyServerNamed: ''  port: 8080

This should be documented somewhere, and it would probably also make a
good FAQ entry on the Swiki (hint, hint).

> Question 2: Morphic speed when scripting with Viewer.  
> The morphic scripting environment is very inviting - except
> for one thing that worries: When opening a Viewer, for example
> on a Star instance, and trying out some script commands, 
> the system invariably starts becoming sluggish to the point 
> that the mouse cursor will take almost half a second to move. 
> I am working on a 200 MHz 604 tower Mac-PPC with > 128 MB RAM. 
> Is this the current state of things, or is there some trick
> for improving performance? 

I think this would depend a lot on what you are doing, exactly. 
Rotations can be very slow, for instance.  I'm sure someone more
knowledgable can comment more specifically....


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