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Mon Feb 8 03:18:51 UTC 1999

On Sun 07 Feb, My Evolution Will Not be Compromised wrote:

> Whither the Itsy?  Come on
> DEC/Compaq/Whatever-the-hell-you're-called-today, give us something to 
> be excited about that doesn't have the subliminal subtext "Resistance
> is Futile" written into the marketing text :)
To the best of my knowledge, Itsy was never meant as evena prototype for
production, let alone an actual product. Every time I've tried to scrounge
one from them I've met with failure - even though they were supposed to
provide one in return for doing the squeak port.
If you want something like an Itsy, you might find the PLEB of interest -
look at and see what you think. I'd say
it might just possibly make a starting point for an interesting 'public
domain' machine. We'd have to find someone with deep enough pockets to fund
building a round of them, but I'm willing to imagine the possibility. Alan,
would PLEB be a good starting point for the Disney park-map machine we


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