Squeak in IEEE Software

Peter Crowther pjc at datatec.co.uk
Mon Feb 1 17:04:28 UTC 1999

> But lets not forget the community, 
> fun, hacker ethic component as well.  The latter, more than the former,
> drives 
> some of these movements.
Absolutely.  I'd say the *majority* of the open source developments are
driven this way.  I'm working with multi-user environments because I enjoy
the interaction they generate; I am writing my own because I enjoy the
challenge; I am using Squeak because it is an infinitely malleable tool for
the job [and I'll have to hack some of it into little tiny pieces to make it
malleable enough].

On a not-totally-unrelated note, I think a large number of the open source
developers would otherwise be artisans or craftspeople --- designers and
builders.  I craft programs, my father crafted computer hardware, my
ancestors crafted furniture, pianos, maintained steam engines for ships and
mill equipment... I don't see that there's necessarily any difference
between a well-crafted piece of glassware or furniture and a well-crafted
piece of software.

		- Peter

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