Andrew P. Black black at
Fri Mar 31 23:10:28 UTC 2000

I have been poking around to try to see what it would take to make 
the printOut menu item in the browser produce some html that I would 
like to show people.  That is, html that looks good (uses styles 
reasonably) and does not have all of those ! characters that are 
intended for fileIn.

What I found was two separate implementations of 
#fileOutCategory:asHtml:, one in ClassDescription, which is inherited 
by Class and MetaClass, and one in SystemOrganizer.  They are almost, 
but not quite, the same.  It seems to me that  SystemOrganizer ought 
to be delegating this work to ClassDescription, or maybe the other 
way around.

Before I mess with anything, can anyone enlighten me as to why things 
are built the way that they are?

Right now, the only difference between fileOut and printOut seems to 
be that printOut uses an HtmlFileStream, whereas FileOut uses a 
StandardFileStream; the latter simply ignores all of the html 
commands.  To do more interesting formatting, I was thinking of using 
the Strategy pattern, where the various chunks that are filed out are 
formatted in different ways for fileOut and printOut.

Or maybe someone has done this already?


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