[ENH][VM] VM_reloadModules: reloading plugin modules

Stephan Rudlof sr at evolgo.de
Fri Mar 10 20:36:51 UTC 2000

Dear VM-Hackers,

attached changeset and source allow reloading of plugin modules.
It works under *Linux* now, but it shouldn't be to hard to get it work
at other platforms, too: Try it!

Feedbacks are welcome!



"Change Set:		VM_reloadModules
Date:			22 February 2000
Author:			Stephan Rudlof

This changeset together with the new 'sqUnixExternalPrims.c' improves
the VM:
-> modules can be unloaded to have a fast compile->test cycle.

To use this improvements with other platforms as Linux you have to adapt
'sqUnixExternalPrims.c' to your platform. This shouldn't be too
difficult though.

- changeset VM_cachingMissingModules;
- changed 'sqUnixExternalPrims.c': functions 'extern
ioUnloadModuleOfLength()' and 'static unloadModuleEntryNamed()' are new

	- FileIn this change set and follow the instructions.


- it's possible to reinstall loaded modules manually during the current
run by evaluating
	Smalltalk reloadModule: 'LargeIntegers'
(choose an arbitrary module name).


- ioUnloadModuleOLength() breaks cache mechanism in
'sqUnixExternalPrims.c' by calling dlclose() and removing module from
cache list.
Stephan Rudlof (sr at evolgo.de)
   "Genius doesn't work on an assembly line basis.
    You can't simply say, 'Today I will be brilliant.'"
    -- Kirk, "The Ultimate Computer", stardate 4731.3
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