Tek AI workstations (was: success)

Michael Rueger Michael.Rueger.-ND at disney.com
Thu Mar 16 22:29:32 UTC 2000

"Randal L. Schwartz" wrote:

> (Does anyone know if that 4404 has *any* compatible media with
> anything modern day?  I think it had 8-inch floppies and a coax
> ethernet!)

Yeah, and you could actually become root by booting the system from a Unix
I think the floopy drives were able to read an ancient PC-DOS format too.
The better way to go is probably the ethernet though. That was when you still
needed tranceivers.

> I think it was a hacked Unix V7, because we are also designing with
Some version of Unix, I remember a student regularly loosing her image
because she wasn't told to properly shutdown the system and just turned it
off before the saved image was actually on the hard disc.

I loved working on these, we had a 1600x1200 grayscale machine, lots of room
for all these browsers ;-)



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