How to determine screen depth?

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at
Wed Mar 1 23:19:08 UTC 2000

Doug Way <dway at> wrote...
>Er, I think by "host display" they meant the host operating system display
>depth/size, not the Squeak display depth/size.  (Although I could be
>I'm nearly positive that you'd need to roll your own pluggable primitive
>to set the host screen's depth or size.  (Not only that, but doing this
>from an application is often frowned upon, even for applications with much
>greater native OS access than Squeak.)

I think we may want to make this part of the standard VM.  I have often wanted a feature whereby, each time you start up Squeak with a different host screen depth, it sets a flag #HostScreenDepthChanged in all projects.  Whenever you enter a project and this flag is true, if its screen depth is not the same as the host it prompts you along the following lines...

[The screen depth in this project (8 bits)
is not the same as that of the OS (16 bits)]
	<continue as is>
	<make this project match the OS>
	<make all projects of this depth match the OS>

... and, of course, resets the HostScreenDepthChanged for that (and any other affected) project.

	- Dan

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