[Q] converting from Alice models to VRML utf8

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at disney.com
Fri Mar 3 16:56:58 UTC 2000


> And the other question I have... I am TOTAL newbie to 3D 
> graphics, so I don't know how things around VRML go. I wanted 
> to load some files from Web into the Squeak Wonderland and 
> I found that on the Web, there are usually *.wrl files in 
> some strange binary form. When I want it to load into the
> Squeak I need it in utf8 human readible form (I hope that my
> nomenclature is standard :) ). Is there any possibility to 
> load such binary *.wrl files into the Squeak??? Where can I 
> find goodie, which will do that for me?

These binary files are just GZipped (it's in my understanding a bad design
that there is nothing to distinguish between the ascii and binary VRML
versions but that's the way it is). What you can do is to rename those
binary blab files into something like '.wrl.gz' and then from Squeak choose
'decompress to file' (will remove the .gz part) and after that open it in

Hope this helps,

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