Screen damage logic

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Thu Mar 23 08:00:09 UTC 2000

> Andreas,
> Aha, the light's starting to come on. There's a special ivar mouseDownMorph
> that gets all the mouse move events. That ivar gets set to be the menu by
> calling #newMouseFocus from MenuMorph #popUpAt:forHand. One problem is that
> this variable is not reset to nil when the cursor leaves the popup menu. So
> if you do a single click and leave the popup menu on the screen, until you
> do a mouse down somewhere else, the HandMorph just keeps on sending out a
> mouse moved events to the menu, which in turn tells the menu to select
> itself. It doesn't do that if the cursor is over the desktop, but if it is
> over another window even on the other side of the screen, it keeps sending
> the mouse moved information to the pop up menu.
> But my hunt continues because even when the mouse is held still, it
> generates mouseMove events.
> Thanks for the tip,
> Jim

Hey Jim here another oddity for you to chase, oh Morphic master. If I
recall, memory is fuzzy here, if you click and hold the mouse button down
over the close box I believe the close box redraws continuously. Well that
was a few months ago and I had an image I instrumented to display where and
the size of area that was being moved to the OS screen buffer and I'd get a
zillion redraws when closing a window. Perhaps it's fixed now, anyone else
notice this gem?

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