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Henrik Gedenryd Henrik.Gedenryd at lucs.lu.se
Thu Mar 2 20:29:40 UTC 2000

Michael_Chean wrote:

> I've downloaded the 2.8 zip and unzipped it on my system.  So far I've been
> launching it by dragging the image over the little mouse.   Is there a way
> to permanently install it so that it launches with a double click of the
> mouse.

Generally, I prefer to double-click the image, not the VM. (This works on a
Mac at least). In the Smalltalk conceptual universe, the image is the thing
you run (cf. the 'application'), and the VM is the 'virtual' host system it
runs on, as a kind of 'plugin' to the image which it needs to support a
particular 'actual' host OS/hardware, so to speak. In other words,
conceptually you want to run the image, not the VM.

But by renaming the image as 'squeak.image' you can start everything from
the VM. Important: rename it from inside Squeak, via world menu 'save
as...', to get the associated .changes file too.

Using this 'default' image name is necessary when running Squeak from a C
debugger that by necessity starts an app not a document. A C debugger
doesn't understand the Smalltalk concept, obviously--since if it did it
wouldn't stick with C.


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