[ENH] Flexible LowSpaceWatcher

Georg Gollmann georg.gollmann at tuwien.ac.at
Thu Mar 30 10:45:12 UTC 2000

The current LowSpaceWatcher just alerts the user. This is not useful 
for servers or for situations when objects are cached and should be 
discarded when space becomes tight. I have now generalized the 
mechanism used in my MailArchiver 

As an example setup is now:

   Smalltalk memoryHogs add: ArchivedMail

When space is low #freeSomeSpace gets sent:

    "Remove all cached text from my instances."
    self allInstancesDo: [ :m | m purgeText ]

If freeSomeSpace fails to free enough memory - maybe because no 
memoryHogs have been registered - the old behavior (alert the user) 
is invoked.

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