Visual representation of Squeak? & 3-button mouse (settings?)

Henrik Gedenryd Henrik.Gedenryd at
Mon Mar 6 19:34:41 UTC 2000

Chris Macie wrote:

> 1) Looks interesting, but what's the available functionality here?  I find
> I can move panes with the blue button from the black diamonds (but
> connecting lines don't adjust), and add green-triangles and yellow-circles
> by red-button clicking on lines, and they rubber-band around. The panes can
> be moved off the green field, and the green field itself can be moved
> around. Scrollbars show and the panes scroll... Otherwise no popups or
> activity.   And can't refresh the screen in this project.

A little patience... see Alan's posting.
> 2) Is there default yellow-button functionality in Squeak?  I have a
> 3-button Logitech mouse attached, driven by the default PS/2 mouse driver
> (in Windows95). PopupMenus show from the blue, sometimes the red buttons.
> Are there somesort of preferences / settings to configure button usage?
> (And/Or do I have to change OS mouse drivers?)

The windows VM has a special popup menu where you activate 3-button mode.
It's been a while since I used Win; do you invoke the menu by right-clicking
the Squeak tile in the task bar? Or was it somewhere on the window titlebar?
I don't remember quite. There's also a settings file in the VM directory
that you can edit manually.


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