Problem compiling 2.7 on Mac with CodeWorrier 4

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at
Wed Mar 15 23:44:55 UTC 2000


The problems you see originate from differences in the 'Universal' Headers
as distributed with the different versions of CW. I've seen all of these

> Next, sqMacAsynchFile.c has three red-hand errors, complaining about
> PBOpenSync, PBReadAsynch and PBWriteAsynch not having any prototype. I
> imagine that there is a header file missing, but which one?

I think it's <Devices.h> (IIRC). BTW, Mac gurus out there how does one find
out where a certain function is defined in the headers?! There seems to be
nothing short of waiting several hours for having the hard disk indexed (how
I hate this) since I couldn't find any documentation about where functions
are declared in header files (as a matter of fact I wrote myself a little
SqueakUtil that scans the files looking for some string). Any better way of
doing this?!

> Next, sqMacExternalPrims.c says:-
> Error   : undefined identifier 'kCurrentCFragArch'
> sqMacExternalPrims.c line 21   c2pstr(libName), kCurrentCFragArch,
> action, &libHandle, &mainAddr, errorMsg);

This has gone away at some time. It's now called 'kCompiledCFragArch'.

> And lastly (so far as it goes right now!):-
> sqMacSounds says..
> Error   : cannot convert
> 'long *' to
> 'unsigned long *'
> sqMacSound.c line 394   Delay(1, &junk);

Just cast the darn thing. Who cares.

> Has anybody been able to build the VM from scratch? 

I have. Good luck for ya.


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