Display Update Speed - on a *really* slow machine!

Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM
Wed Mar 22 17:48:42 UTC 2000

From:  Dean Swan at MITEL on 03/22/2000 12:48 PM
>It would be interesting to hear how other platforms handle this.
>    [ Display forceToScreen: (1 at 1 extent: Display extent) ] timeToRun

     486DX2/50, Win95, Western Digital Display
     (i.e. IBM ThinkPad 755C), Driver V4.0

     Squeak 2.7 VM & image for 640x480x8 bpp,
     with Squeak set to 8 bpp.

     Returns anywhere from 116ms to 133ms.

                                         -Dean Swan
                                         dean_swan at mitel.com

P.S. For the curious - '0 tinyBenchmarks' on the same setup returns:

     1408450 bytecodes/s; 68431 sends/s
     1514004 bytecodes/s; 67750 sends/s
     1537279 bytecodes/s; 67808 sends/s

With reduce CPU usage ON  - 43ms to 52ms / frame in Morphic Project with 1
With reduce CPU usage OFF - 22ms to 29ms / frame in Morphic Project with 1

World menu Open -> Browser Takes about 11 seconds for browser to appear after

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