Tek AI workstations (was: success)

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Thu Mar 16 21:58:44 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Jecel" == Jecel Assumpcao <jecel at merlintec.com> writes:

Jecel> Hmmm... there seems to be surprisingly little information on
Jecel> the Tektronix 4404 (68010 based) and 4406 (68020 based)
Jecel> Smalltalk machines on the web. Perhaps someone on the list who
Jecel> has one of these gathering dust in a basement would care to
Jecel> comment on them?

In storage, I have a 4404 that boots, and another 4404 that's a parts
junker that I got from a trade on pdx.forsale about 12 years ago.  I
bought them to play with Smalltalk after I had left Servio Logic
(later GemStone).  Of course, Squeak now fulfills all my needs, but if
it was possible to get that image squirted off the box, I'd do it. :)
(Does anyone know if that 4404 has *any* compatible media with
anything modern day?  I think it had 8-inch floppies and a coax

Jecel> I do have some old Tek catalogs in a box somewhere, but there
Jecel> weren't many details. As far as I know, however, you could
Jecel> choose to run a Unix clone as well as Smalltalk on these
Jecel> machines. It is very likely that you could get Fortran as an
Jecel> option (f2c didn't exist back then yet, did it?), so it seems
Jecel> you missed a neat opportunity :-)

I think it was a hacked Unix V7, because we are also designing with
that and running it in the MDP division for the cross-compiler
workstations.  (aside: My first job as a software engineering manager
was managing *one* other engineer to handle the task of hosting Unix)
V7.  Cool.)

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