Looking for "jump-start" help in building Morphic apps

Jarvis, Robert P. (Contingent) Jarvisb at timken.com
Thu Mar 16 14:19:01 UTC 2000

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> Folks,
> Sorry, I hit the wrong button while editing this, and sent it prematurely.
> I
> learned at the Squeak weekend that I could probably blame Microsoft Word
> for
> this :-) My email has gotten much bigger than I originally intended. I
> planned to place it on the swiki, but now that part of it is in the ether,
> I
> would like some feedback. My goal at this point is to get some Morphic
> documentation going. The next couple of "chapters" I will talk about the
> AlignmentMorph, the HandMorph, and the world morphs. Plus, as an added
> bonus, some animation examples.
Please, yes, more would be good, and thank you for sending it to the list.
Please send the remaining chapters to the list as well.  And perhaps you and
Mark Guzdial could get together a chapter on Morphic for the upcoming Squeak

Bob Jarvis
Compuware @ Timken

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