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Ranjan Bagchi ranjan_bagchi at
Thu Mar 9 17:06:05 UTC 2000

--- Stephen Pair <spair at> wrote:
> > Ranjan Bagchi wrote:
> >
> > > The thing which I liked the most about the ENVY
> > > environment is that they'd done a really robust
> O-O
> > > analysis of code management (Editions, Versions,
> etc).
> >
> > They've done a _terrible_ analysis of code
> management.
> > Why do you need applications, subapplications and
> configuration
> > maps, for example?  They should all be a single
> concept -- recursive,
> > conditional inclusion.
> >
> > And their miserable, in your face, ownership
> design, which positively
> > encourages swapping user identities as you
> develop...
> >
> > -dms
> >
> ditto...
> Any system in Squeak should also consider object
> versioning in general (not
> just source code).  You will probably want to
> version those Fabrik
> constructions (and there may not be any source code
> to go with them).  Also,
> it should play nice with ImageSegments and
> name-spaces...maybe one or both
> of these should be the basic unit for versioning.
> I would also eliminate multi-user support from the
> scope of the initial
> iteration and focus just on the versioning issue. 
> ...oh yeah, and multiple
> versions of things should be able to coexist (and
> work) in one image.
> - Stephen

Well -- I liked using Envy.  I was even happy to see
it in VA Java.

I don't really agree that Envy was that awful seeing
as I found it really invaluable to trace back every 
method accept and know which method version were
attached to each class.  It certainly did have a steep
learning curve to it and when the group I was with
went from just filing out class-categories to Envy it
took us over a month to get really comfortable.

The point I was trying to make, though, is that it was
nice to have the deployment-components and versions
abstracted out as first class objects, so a class
could identify which "package version" it came with..
if it were necessary.  

I'd think that we should certainly include multiple
users in a design and plan, but yeah:  it doesn't add
as much initial value as a robust component and
versioning system.  It would be nice to design the
plan, though, so that if someone were interested in
taking it in that direction a roadmap existed.

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