[GOODIE] New widgets for MVC (simple combo box, radio buttons, check boxes, beveled buttons and switches)

Andrew C. Greenberg werdna at gate.net
Fri Mar 10 07:55:16 UTC 2000

This changeset replaces the ones I posted earlier this week and 
should be used in lieu thereof.  It requires 2.8alpha through 1919.

'From Squeak2.8alpha of 14 January 2000 [latest update: #1919] on 10 
March 2000 at 2:42:54 am'!
"Change Set:		NewWidgetsForMVC
Date:			10 March 2000
Author:			Andrew C. Greenberg

1) Useful refactoring of PluggableButtonView

2) Simple implementations of some widgets:

	a) Radio Buttons
	b) Check Boxes
	c) Beveled (3D) Buttons/Switches
	d) Uneditable Combo Boxes

Hopefully these simple-minded implementations will pave the way for 
more sophisticated improvements by others.

3) Fixes an apparent bug in ColorSystemView that prevented activation 
of top windows.

To see in action, FileIn and execute the following doIt

	WidgetDemo test

This changeset replaces the changesets posted earlier this week and 
should be used (if at all) in lieu thereof."!

I make no claim to high-quality here.  These are simple-minded 
refinements of the standard PluggableButtonView.  I post these 
primarily in the interest of getting things started.  Presumably some 
real GUI and framework design folks will carry the ball.

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