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Thu Mar 23 21:44:36 UTC 2000

    I would like to know, in simple words, how does the license of
Squeak compare to GPL and/or OpenBSD.
    I know this has been said many times in the list, but I think
nothing final has been said

    My understanding of it is that Squeak Licence is GPL for the Virtual
Machine and OpenBSD for the rest. Am I right?

    Does anybody know it?

    What I'm trying to do, and why I need this information:

    I'm trying to host a Squeak project in, they
need to certify that it 'really' is 'open source', so, I need to know if
Squeak licence is like some of the known open source licences, or if I
need to submit Squeak licence to be 'certified' by sourceforge's people.

    I whould like to have some Squeak Central opinion on me doing that.


    Licenced Bye!

PS: the project I'm going to host in sourceforge is SqueakNOS (Squeak No
Operating System) which is already booting in our test machines.
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