[BUG] [FIX] theSelectorDisplatMorph is nil

Bob Arning arning at charm.net
Sun Mar 26 21:30:11 UTC 2000

On Sun, 26 Mar 2000 13:05:19 -0800 (GMT) Tim Rowledge <tim at sumeru.stanford.edu> wrote:
>It appears theSelectorDisplatMorph is nil for some reason!

There is a ColorPickerMorph in the image that was created before that variable was added. Fix below.


'From Squeak2.8alpha of 13 January 2000 [latest update: #1974] on 26 March 2000 at 4:28:31 pm'!
"Change Set:		colorPickerFix
Date:			26 March 2000
Author:			Bob Arning

- handle ColorPickerMorph instances which existed prior to addition of <theSelectorDisplayMorph>"!

!ColorPickerMorph methodsFor: 'initialization' stamp: 'RAA 3/26/2000 16:27'!

	theSelectorDisplayMorph ifNil: [^self].
	theSelectorDisplayMorph position: self bottomLeft.
	theSelectorDisplayMorph firstSubmorph contents: selector asString , ' ' , selectedColor printString! !

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