Jeff Szuhay jeffs at pstnet.com
Thu Mar 23 02:29:10 UTC 2000

>At 2:51 PM -0500 3/22/2000, John Duncan wrote:
>>An open question to those who are Pacific-time-zone challenged:
>>Since SqueakEnd seemed so successful, would anyone be interested in an
>>informal East-coast Squeaker get-together?  I'm not saying it would actually
>>happen, but it could be fun to come up with an agenda on the Swiki...  I'm
>>sure that I could arrange the thing in Pittsburgh if we decided an agenda
>>and signaled a go-ahead.  It'd probably look a lot like what they had at
>>Santa Barbara.
>>Tell me what you guys think...

I'd love to attend.

I live just outside of Pittsburgh, but anywhere within a 5 hour drive
of Pittsburgh would be great (that would be Philly or D.C. to the east,
Toledo or Cincinnati to the West, Niagra Falls to the North, or
Charleston, W.Va (+ some) to the south).


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