[UPDATES] 50 more for 2.8alpha

Andrew C. Greenberg werdna at gate.net
Mon Mar 27 01:46:27 UTC 2000

>Something in update #1954 makes MVC scrollbars hard to use (they do 
>not hold control as you move across the border into them).  If you 
>are an MVC user I suggest waiting to update until we can publish a 
>fix for this.
>If you are an MVC hot-shot, please DO update and fix this bug, and 
>then send out the fix.  [I would take a crack at it but I'm out of 
>time tonight].  I will give immediate service to publishing the fix, 
>and I will send out an "all clear" message as soon as it is fixed. 
>Thanks in advance for any solutions.
Here below follows a summary of the changeSets...

>1954MenuRefactorings-sma -- Stefan Matthias Aust -- 11 March 2000
>This started out as a fix to update 1879 and ended as a complete 
>refactoring of the MouseMenuController class and its subclasses.  Be 
>careful as that class doesn't work with PopupMenus anymore but 
>requires SelectionMenus.  Overwrite #getPluggableYellowButtonMenu: 
>to answer that menu."

With all due respect, the original "fix" resulted in a bug report, 
and the fix to the fix resulted in a bug report, all posted to this 
listServ.  Although I asked several times, I'm not really sure what 
the first changeset was trying to fix.  Why not simply revert back to 
the original code prior to all of these fixes before adding buggy 
fixes to buggy fixes to the core image?

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